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Development Strategy

The internet,new energy,new material and new technology have become the new impetus behind global economic development.The company will achieve intensive growth depending on technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Relying on the development opportunity of the 'One Belt and One Road'and 'Interconnection'strategies,the company will give full play to and effectively integrate its advantages in overseas business and channels,innovate its business models and build up its international competitiveness.It will make full use of such localized service business models as building materials supermarkets and overseas warehouses,consolidate the basis of its overseas markets.improve its ability to provide international logistics and trade services,and facilitates its transformation into a modern service provider.

The compnay will further exploit the model of 'cross-border electric business + overseas warehouses',providing one-stop full procedure comprehensive services to enterprises at home and abroad,and creating an evergreen foundation for the company with a focus on innovative value-added services.

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