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Ma Jianguo, Associate General Manager of China National Building Material Group and His Entourage Visit CNBM Technology Co., Ltd. for Inspection and Investigation



On August 3, 2016, Ma Jianguo, associate general manager of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as China National Building Material Group) visited CNBM Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as CNBM Technology) to conduct inspection and investigation of the technical ability on the basis of cloud computing.

After listening to the report on the development of cloud business in the company, Ma Jianguo pointed out that to realize the e-commercialization of trade methods, intellectualization of manufacturing methods and platform of R&D methods would become the key direction of development for China National Building Material Group in the 13th Five-Year Plan period. He highly appreciated the current operation of CNBM Technology and hoped that CNBM Technology could make better strategic transformation and upgrading work on the basis of current business as an outstanding value-added distributor.

Under the joint leadership of China National Building Material Group, CNBM Technology will put forward feasible and effective solution to create the platforms for the “digitization of whole-business procedure” and “internet-based service” and actively improve the cloud service ability and construction level of industry and the public.

Zhao Qinghui, associate general manager of enterprise management department of China National Building Material Group, Zhu Qinying, deputy secretary of Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission in China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, and other relevant people in the group accompanied during the visit. 

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