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Chen Yongxin visits CNBM S.A and CNBM UAE


Jan 30th -Feb 3rd, Chen Yongxin, General Manager of CBMIE, inspected CNBM South Africa Company and Dubai logistics complex, and visited NT HAREWARE, located in Federal industrial park in Roodepoort district, Johannesburg.


At the business briefing meeting, the head of the CNBM S.A reported on the early operation and market development. Chen Yongxin pointed out four requirements. Firstly, it is necessary to establish and improve the overseas staff training system as soon as possible to ensure employees to receive systematic training before dispatch; Secondly, we need take all the company's existing supply chain advantages and combine local market demand to explore overseas warehouse business in South Africa; Thirdly, we must innovate and improve the incentive mechanism of overseas employees, and attach importance to the combination of corporate culture and local culture; Lastly, we should strengthen joint interaction in the African regional market to form the integrated layout of the company in East, west, South African and Middle East market.


During the visit to Dubai, the head of the CNBM UAE made a detailed report on the summary in 2017 and plan of 2018. Chen Yongxin fully affirmed the multi-level operation mode and achievements of CNBM UAE, put forward higher requirements for the future development, and proposed valuable suggestions regard to the next step of CNBM UAE.

He emphasized on the meeting four key points. Firstly, under the premise of clear positioning of enterprises, controllable risks and reliable returns, we should also consider to increase sales revenue. Secondly, we need to analyze the cost structure and income ratio of the company in detail, and think about how to build up a benign mechanism to allocate resources rationally, to improve the quality of personnel, to support key business units, and to achieve quality improvement in company management. Thirdly, focusing on the company's operating objectives, we should not only do a good job of risk control, but also grasp the business opportunities in time. Lastly, it is necessary to strengthen internal cooperation to take all of domestic resource advantages and service for overseas companies. In the meantime it can provide development opportunities for domestic companies through the operation of overseas companies.


Ma Wensheng, General Manager of Overseas Business Department, and relevant staffs accompanied the visit.

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