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Peter Poppinga, Executive Director of Ferrous Metal in CVRD, and His Colleagues Visit CNBM





      On December 6, Peter Poppinga, executive director of ferrous metal of CVRD visited CNBM. Song Zhiping, chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM warmly welcomed Peter Poppinga and his colleagues. Both parties had a discussion on cooperation and the future plan in a lively and friendly atmosphere. 

      Chairman Song Zhiping warmly welcomed the visit of Peter Poppinga and his colleagues and expressed his gratitude for the consistent support of CVRD to the iron ore business of CNBM. He pointed out that the business of imported iron ore is an important business unit of CNBM Group that the group, whose objective is to be the most influential supply chain service provider in China, highly emphasizes. 

     Mr. Peter Poppinga was grateful to Chairman Song Zhiping for his warm reception, affirmed the effort of CNBM of helping CVRD with the Chinese market in recent years and hoped that both sides can deepen the cooperation, make advantages complementary with each other and realize the win-win situation. Meanwhile, he sincerely invited Chairman Song Zhiping to visit CVRD at appropriate time next year. 

Claudio Alves, global market sales director of CVRD, Joao Mendes, president in the region of China, Sergio Espeschit, director of business development, Marcos Leite, salesperson in the region of China and director of joint venture, Wu Jiwei, chief accountant of CNBM Group and chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM Import & Export, Chen Yongxin, general manager of CNBM Import & Export, Wu Xiang, associate general manager of CNBM Import & Export and general manager of CNBM supply chain and Wang Dongwei, associate general manager of CNBM supply chain etc. attended the discussion. 

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