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Song Zhiping Has Been Selected as the Most Influential Entrepreneur of the Year for Four Consecutive Years



From December 10 to 11, hosted by the periodical office of China Entrepreneur, the 2016 (15th) China Entrepreneur Summit was held in Beijing with the theme of “The Home Field of China – Decoding the Future Business Schemes”. Song Zhiping, chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM attended the summit at the invitation and delivered a keynote speech. Liu Chuanzhi, Wang Jianlin, Dong Mingzhu, Chen Dongsheng and other entrepreneurs attended. At the awarding ceremony of 25 most influential entrepreneurs as well as China’s public welfare leaders in 2016, Song Zhiping was selected as the most influential entrepreneur once again after 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

  Song Zhiping remarked that China is becoming the “home field” of the global economic development and we need to promote the spirit of entrepreneurs and develop significantly the real economy in order to lead the new global transformation. By combining with the background of innovation and transformation of the Chinese enterprises, he analyzed that during the 30 years from the reform and opening-up policy, the greatest achievement of Chinese enterprises is not the production of many “Number Ones” in the world but the restoration of ethnic self-confidence. In the future, the global home field will be in China because the future home field of the innovative world will be in China. Song Zhiping explained that the best way to keep the stable and healthy growth of national economy is to create innovative society and innovative economy and further promote the work of “innovative society and economy”. He shared with the attending representatives that there are 3 kinds of innovation, specifically, imitative innovation, integrated innovation and autonomous innovation. The enterprise should make innovation with aims and in the familiar field and research suitable innovative mode. State-owned enterprises and private enterprises should make overall cooperation in different fields of innovation to really realize the common development of both the country and people.


     “The Most Influential Entrepreneur in 2016” comprehensively assesses various dimensions including the impact on the capital market, the impact on the industry, international impact, the impact on the public, sense of social responsibility, leadership and innovative abilities and finally selects from 70 candidates. “25 Most Influential Entrepreneurs” list has been successfully held for 14 times with altogether 103 entrepreneurs on the list.

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