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The New Year Message from Song Zhiping: Firming Confidence and Keeping Going Forward


 Everything takes on a completely new look at the beginning of a New Year. At this period of ringing out the Old Year and ringing in the New Year, on behalf of CNBM and 250,000 cadres and employees of the group, I would like to send my best greetings of the New Year to brother enterprises and numerous colleagues in the building material industry and friends from all sectors of society supporting and caring the development of the Group consistently!

  As the saying goes, “No pain, No gain”. 2016 is the beginning year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, a new year for CNBM to reorganize and integrate, a tough year to improve quality and efficiency, a starting year to transform and upgrade and also a key year to deepen transformation. This year, CNBM paid a lot and gained a lot as well. 


  This year, we welcome the important historic period of the reorganization of “CNBM and Sinoma”, which is an important milestone in the development of national building material. On August 26, approved by the State Council, the original CNBM and original Sinoma had a powerful combination and CNBM appeared as the “aircraft carrier” of global building material. Within the short 4 months, from the reorganization of groups to integration of secondary enterprise platforms and seamless integration of the new group, the effect of integration turns up primarily. 

  This year, we work hard to overcome the pressure of descending economy. Centering on “Improving quality and efficiency and streamlining the administrative structure”, we strengthen lean management, focus on the reduction of cost and improvement of efficiency, focus on the reduction and elimination of hierarchies, highlight the risk management and control, overcome lots of difficulties and outperform and our enterprise witnesses a trend of making progress in stability with recovery increase in overall benefit.

  This year, we vigorously foster the innovative society and innovative economy, make the complete transformation and upgrading, firmly grasp the upgrading of “three curves”, specifically, basic industry, emerging industry and manufacturing and service industry, enhance the technological innovation and accelerate the process of international “the Belt and Road” Initiative and “Going out” and our abilities of adapting to and leading the new normal obviously improve with emerging new concepts, new technologies, new models and new energies. 

  This year, we conscientiously implement the central spirit of supply-side structural reform, completely implement the different requirements of the 34th Document of General Office of the State Council, actively shoulder the responsibilities in the process of addressing overcapacity, eliminating backward capacity, staggering production and joint reorganization, give full play to the leading and driving roles of central enterprises and thus promote the healthy development of the industry. 

  This year, we conscientiously implement the requirement of comprehensively strengthening Party discipline, deepen the “Two Responsibilities”, enhance the “Four Awarenesses”, conscientiously implement the “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building”, deepen the three pilot work, specifically, the development of mixed ownership, the implementation of functions and powers of the Board of Directors and merger & reorganization, and create an completely new situation for reformation and development. 

  Through over 30 years of development, CNBM and Sinoma jointly have accumulated the precious experience and made the unique development advantages of the new group. After the reorganization, we have clear development strategies, strong abilities to operate the capital and integrate the business, the world’s leading technological innovation, refined and scientific management, six industry scales ranking the first in the world and political advantages and excellent corporate culture unique to central enterprises. What’s more, we have cultivated a group of commanders good at fighting, firm and persistent managers and employees with craftsmanship. This outstanding team of cadres and staff comprised of 250,000 people with strong will power, strong fighting capacity and solid cohesive force is the source of power of making continuous miracles to the group.

  Firm confidence and keeping going forward. 2017 is a year full of hopes and opportunities. Standing on the new historical starting point, we review the past achievements, focus on the ongoing transformation and look forward to the future objective, whose rich accumulation gives us firmer confidence and the power of forging ahead. CNBM Group has the confidence, ability, condition to create new brilliance in the new historical period. In the New Year, under the correct leadership of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the support of CBMF, we will rally closely around the Party central committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core, completely implement the spirit of the Central Economic Conference, continue to deepen the enterprise transformation, vigorously develop the internal business integration of enterprises, enhance different management work of improving quality and efficiency and streamlining the administrative structure, promote the healthy development of industry market, vigorously create the world-class group in the building material industry and welcome the victorious commencement of the 19th CPC National Congress with the high-spirited and advancing attitudes and good operational performance! 

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