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Focusing on the Industry of Building Materials and Creating New Glories


Before the Spring Festival, China Building Material Federation (CBMF) held a Spring Festival gathering in Beijing. The staff in the federation system, vice president in Beijing and the heads of relevant units gathered together to jointly celebrate the Spring Festival. Chairman Song Zhiping addressed the gathering on behalf of CNBM

1.jpgDistinguished President Qiao Longde, leaders, dear all,

I am very delighted to attend the 2017 New Year Tea Party of CBMF. I have attended all the get-togethers, tea parties and gatherings every year since the founding of CBMF partly for visiting old leaders, which is like visiting the family at home, and partly for visiting the comrades in the CNBM system, giving New Year’s greetings and communicating with all of you. In the advent of the Spring Festival, one behalf of the new CNBM Group, I would like to extend the wishes of the New Year to all the leaders, cadres and employees of CBMF

Just now, Secretary-general Sun Xiangyuan introduced to everyone the work of CBMF last year. Indeed CBMF has done lots of work and made lots of achievements. From the perspective of CNBM, the greatest achievement of CBMF is to promote the structural adjustment and supply-side structural reform in the national building material industry, guide the direction for building material enterprises, create a good environment and coordinate the relations of different parts. Like a tower of strength to promote the healthy development of building material industry, President Qiao Longde particularly exerts his utmost effort. In the complex and changeable economic situation last year, because of the care and support of CBMF, the cement industry in China achieved 2.4 billion in sales volume and 50 billion in profit. Meanwhile, with the strong drive of CBMF and the 34th Document of General Office of the State Council, the building material industry began the staggering production and the cancellation of cement with the strength grading of 32.5 has made substantial progress. It is not easy to make these achievements because of the painstaking efforts and sweat of the leaders of CBMF and everyone. As a member enterprise, we sincerely thank CBMF for various work to the industry and enterprises.

Through the media of China Building Materials Daily and China Building Materials Magazine, you can have an understanding of the situation of CNBM. Last year, the development of CNBM was tough but still made great achievements. Among them, the greatest one is the “integration of CNBM and Sinoma”. 17 years ago, the original CNBM and original Sinoma went out with the enterprise seeds given by National Building Materials Bureau at its revocation. Through over 10 years of development, the original seeds grow into a towering tree. Today, we come together with our own glories, which can be a triumphant meeting. The “integration of CNBM and Sinoma” is both a milestone in the national industry of building materials and an important event in the global industry of building materials. Realized jointly by the group of leaders of “CNBM and Sinoma” and all the cadres and employees of seizing the historic opportunity of promoting the restructuring and adjustment of central enterprises made by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, it is the outcome of the strong support and promotion of CBMF for many years.

Last year, the benefit of CNBM Group realized a recovery increase, an increase of 43% in economic benefit compared with the year before. At the beginning of this year, the Group maintained good development trend and it is estimated to grow significantly on the basis of last year. CNBM Group has already passed the most difficult period and entered the stage of recovery increase. As the typical representative of the real economy, CNBM focuses on structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading and promotes the shift between new and old kinetic energy through the development path of “three curves”. Now the company has the cement capacity of 0.53 billion tons and ready-mixed concrete capacity of 0.43 billion cubic meters. In the future, the 1st curve is to make refined cement, glass and other basic building material industries and promote greatly the supply-side structural reform. The 2nd curve is to greatly develop the businesses of new materials, new energies and new houses to quickly improve the ability to make profits. When there are hundreds of plasterboard factories in China currently, the group has the plasterboard capacity of 2.6 billion m2, 100 times more than the capacity of only 20 million m2 at the initial period of BNBM factory, and the glass fibre capacity of 2 million tons compared with the capacity of only tens of thousand tons in the past. Recently we have set up a new production base in America. The 3rd curve is to actively promote new commercial activities such as R&D, engineering and technical services. Last November, China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. affiliated to CNBM Academy successfully began IPO Process in Shanghai Stock Exchange. We also actively promote the new commercial activities including Okorder.com, actively explores the production service businesses including smart industry and outsource over 30 cement factories for investors all over the world with new business model.

2017 is the year of integration for CNBM. Now the Group holds the shares of 15 and holds the shares of 20 listed companies, forming the group of listed companies in the building materials system in China. After the reorganization of “CNBM and Sinoma”, one of the important works for us is to integrate the existing resources, give full play to the synergistic effect, reduce the horizontal competition and meet the requirements of supervision departments. There are 3 objectives for CNBM this year. The first is to firmly complete the production and management goal to report to State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and realize the maintenance and appreciation of national assets value; the second is to realize the integrated businesses to ensure that the result of the “CNBM and Sinoma” reorganization is the compound rather than mixture and the third is to actively promote the transformation and upgrading to cultivate more advantageous enterprises.

CNBM consistently focuses on the real economy and makes great contributions to the society. Here I would like to show you the transcript of CNBM last year. In 2016, the sales income, profit, paid tax, paid bank interest, staff salary and social contribution value of the group were 270 billion yuan, 8.1 billion yuan, 15.4 billion yuan, 16 billion yuan, 20.1 billion yuan and nearly 60 billion yuan respectively and the company provided 250,000 employees with job positions. Indeed, the building material industry is the typical real economy with great social contributions and relatively less profit.

The development of CNBM is attributed to the consistent support of the successive leaders of CBMF and all of you. In this new year, I hope CBMF will continue to give us your strong support and I believe that the Group will make greater achievements under the care and guidance of CBMF. Finally, I would like to extend the wishes of the New Year to all the leaders, cadres and employees of CBMF on behalf of the leaders and 250,000 cadres and staff of CNBM. Wish all of you a joyous Spring Festival and a happy family!

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